How To Join

NSW GBOTA Advocacy represents greyhound racing participants on industry related issues, and functions as the major industry voice on industry matters. The NSW GBOTA works with a range stakeholders with the primary goal to improve conditions and outcomes for participants and their greyhounds, with the welfare of greyhounds the highest priority for the Association and its members.   

Members are located all over New South Wales, with the Association’s advocacy framework enabling all members the opportunity to actively contribute and have their say on topics that affect them. This contributes to guiding the Association’s position and strategic direction.

Membership of the NSW GBOTA also enables entry to our member benefits program, providing you a range of discounts, loyalty rewards and exclusive member only offers across our network of GBOTA tracks.

We want you to join us.

Whether you are a greyhound owner, trainer, or breeder, or just a race goer who loves greyhound racing, the Association invites you to join our membership network and start enjoying the rewards. 

The Association offers 3 forms of membership.

Details for each membership option are below: 


Full Member

To become a full member, you need to join one of our Branches across the state and attend three branch meetings before you can join. Additionally, you need to be registered with the controlling body of greyhound racing in NSW. If you’re under 18, and are an attendant, you will need to have been an attendant for at least 2 years before you can apply.

Full members enjoy a range of benefits, discounts and loyalty rewards, and most importantly, the opportunity to have a voice in the development of greyhound racing in NSW.

To become a full member, get in touch with the Secretary of the Branch in your area and get along to a meeting. Details of Branches can be found here 

Application Form for Full Membership here. 

Full member fees are set by each local branch, and payable upon confirmation of membership to the Association.

Associate Member    / Social Member 

If you are interested in greyhound racing and support the objects of the Association, but are not licensed, or unable to attend a branch, join as an Associate member.

Associate members can enjoy a range of benefits, discounts and loyalty rewards.

The current fee for an Associate Member is $10 for two years payable upfront to the Association. Associate Membership Form can be downloaded here.


Terms and Conditions

All members of the NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers Association will be entered into our membership benefits program. A copy of the terms and conditions of our membership benefits program can be downloaded here.