Trainers Seminar 2015

On Friday, August 21, 2015 the NSW GBOTA conducted a Trainers Seminar at the Greyhound Social Club, Yagoona. The day which had 80 attendees was put together as a sharing of information for the benefit of participants.

Please note sound quality on footage is low due to no direct audio line in to camera. Viewers are encouraged to turn audio on device up to loudest capacity. Vision (c) 2015 NSW GBOTA and Redden Video

Session 1 - Working Dog Alliance


Session 1 - Working Dog Alliance (Q&A)


Session 2 - Rearing & Education


Session 3 - Dr John Newell Veterinary Care


Session 4 - Dr John Kohnke Nutritional Care

Download presentation notes (PDF) here 



Session 5 - Trainers Q & A Panel (Tony Brett, Petar Jovanovic & Doreen Drynan)