Members' Incentives

NSW GBOTA Members will receive a range of benefits and discounts including: 

  • Discounts on bar, trial, admission, race books, merchandise, sponsorship, and venue hire
  • Accrual of loyalty points on eligible purchases with rewards
  • Bonus reward points for branch meeting and track attendance
  • Entry discounts at selected meetings
  • Birthday vouchers
  • Eligibility for racing based incentives; see Members Bonus Race conditions here
  • Eligibility for Member Dog
  • Rights to solicitor consultation (initial consult) 
  • Branch incentives / draws including trial tickets
  • Lobbying on Members behalf with GRNSW / Government

NSW GBOTA Members' Branch Attendance Bonus Scheme

NSW GBOTA Full and Associate members who attend monthly Branch meetings are eligible to win a monthly Branch Attendance Bonus. A members' draw will take place at Wentworth Park on the first Saturday of every month. If the drawn member is then determined to have attended a Branch meeting in the previous calendar month, then they will receive a payment of $500. Details of winners and Branch information are provided on the Branch Notice page

Member Dog

Member Dog is conducted every week at each of the NSW GBOTA tracks. NSW GBOTA Full and Associate members are given the chance to enter their greyhound into the draw to be the greyhound member dog of the meeting. The drawn runner will receive $50 cash, two drink tickets, and two entry tickets for their participation. The member dog will have their story shared on social media, and patrons will be given an opportunity to meet and pat the member dog post race, speak to the trainer and even find out more about adopting or owning a greyhound. 

Members Bonus Race

At every meeting at a NSW GBOTA track throughout the year, one race will be drawn as the Member's Bonus Race. If the winner of the race is owned, bred or trained by a NSW GBOTA Full or Associate member, the member will receive $50.