Member Welfare

The NSW GBOTA is not just an organisation, we are part of an extended family. We may also inherit all the traits of a large family…competitiveness, rivalry and the occasional wrong word but like all families, in times of need we stand together.

The Association has appointed Welfare Officers, our Director/Life Member George Hayes and Life Member Barry Colless. The Welfare Officers, when contacted, will advise the Association and provide support to members by organising a home visit, a phone call or attending funerals.

Should any member need the services of a Welfare Officer, or any member wish to provide details of another member to a NSW GBOTA Welfare Officer please contact the either George or Barry as below:

George Hayes

Phone: 9712 2828
Mobile: 0400 700 284

Barry Colless

Phone: 9727 3373
Mobile: 0408 885 157