Position Statements of the NSW GBOTA

Directors of the NSW GBOTA each month meet and discuss the Association's business and industry issues. Below form the current (June 2018) Position Statements for the NSW GBOTA on key advocacy matters. 


Statutory Review of the Greyhound Racing Act 2017 

The Association welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the review of the Act. The Act, in both its current and future form, impacts greatly on the racing operations of the Association and its members, and we believe that it is the cornerstone to strong regulation and appropriate and fair commercial management to ensure sustainability of the industry into the future.

Since 2017, the industry has made significant progress in improving the welfare of greyhounds, upgrading track safety standards, enhancing regulation, all contained within a strong governance and compliance framework. These fundamentals should be built upon to create the central pillars of the industry and augurs well for a healthy and sustainable future.

The Association’s focus remains on creating an industry with the highest welfare and safety standards in the world, in addition to being totally sustainable – both on and off the track.  

Point of Consumption Tax

The NSW GBOTA is currently engaging with relevant parties with regards to consideration of application and ongoing review of Point of Consumption Tax on race wagering. It is the view of the Association that appropriate fees should apply to organisations and persons which profit from the intellectual property of the industry. Particularly where the proportion of those benefits do not support a sustainable and vibrant industry.

Industry Funding Model

The NSW GBOTA calls for changes to current arrangements, policies and systems which do not deliver to the NSW Greyhound Industry a fair share of  revenue based upon the industry’s market share performance. A sustainable and equitable funding model is imperative to the industry’s ability to continue improved Animal Welfare outcomes, participant engagement and returns and investment in supporting industries.

Industry position

 The NSW GBOTA believes the NSW greyhound racing industry is currently at a definitive junction, which has the ability to ensure a sustainable and vibrant industry which all members of the community can confidentiality engage in with confidence. However, this relies upon appropriate funding, sensible and sustainable regulation and engagement with stakeholder to ensure the intended outcomes are met in the most efficient and practical manner so to ensure compliance and community confidence.

Reward based chasing

The NSW GBOTA supports the review of current policy which precludes food rewards for training purposes. Traditionally canines have been trained utilising positive cues including treats, food and toys, based upon a canines particular driver. The use of treats, which can be clearly defined to ensure compliance and community confidence, should be permitted for the overall benefit of the industry.

Lifecycle management

The NSW GBOTA supports all greyhounds being tracked and monitored through all stages of life, to ensure a whole of life opportunity is presented to the best ability of all parties concerned. Where a greyhound is deemed professionally to be unsuitable for rehoming due to temperament or medical reasoning then humane euthanasia undertaken by a qualified professional must be available.

Thresholds and prohibited substances

The NSW GBOTA believes a comprehensive prohibited substances and supporting testing regime is important. Substances however should be fully understood as to their performance enhancing or masking actions, and a thorough science based approach undertaken in any setting of thresholds. Currently, the NSW GBOTA is advocating on the matters of arsenic and cobalt thresholds and the need for their reevaluation. 


Prizemoney is critical to participants enhancing their infrastructure and overall care for each greyhound. It is therefore imperative that prizemoney continues to grow, at minimum in line with CPI, and be shared across all tiers of racing to both support aspirational racing but also racing which maintains the longevity of racing.

Track design and safety

The minimisation of injuries sustain on a racetrack is imperative to the industry’s longevity. The design of a track and consistent preparation of racing surface are important to the overall aim. The NSW GBOTA supports the industry undertaking action to address track design issues, improve infrastructure and the processes which apply to track preparation and presentation


The NSW GBOTA supports the need to assist through share information and education the improvement of standards in the care of greyhounds in countries outside of Australia. The NSW GBOTA believes export and importation of greyhounds is required for a range of positive reasons:

  • Importation and exportation of greyhounds for breeding purposes is imperative to ensure effective breeding is undertaken
  • Exportation can extend a greyhound racing career and post racing life, which is strongly encouraged
  • Australia has a range of participants with superior knowledge and skills to analyse breeding. Exportation of greyhounds from these kennels can increase knowledge and skills in other countries

While the improvement of welfare standards remains a commitment of the NSW GBOTA and wider greyhound industry. As a segment of society, we must also recognise, each country will have limitations based upon economic constraints. Standards must therefore have regard for the culture and conditions of the country.