The NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners & Trainers Association was first formed in 1939. The Association has two prime functions; Membership and Racing Operations.

Currently the NSW GBOTA membership is in excess of 1200 participants located across the width and breadth of the State. For the membership functions, the State is divided into areas, shown below.


Further information on the Association's history, Directors and joining can be found under the membership section. In addition, as part of both its membership and racing functions, the NSW GBOTA prepares and submits numerous submissions annually to relevant reviews, controlling authorities and Government. Copies of these details are available on the Submissions page (click here to see).

In addition to the Membership and its respective functions, the NSW GBOTA Operates nine venues. Eight of these venues operate for racing, while Appin Way is a trialling facility, with race capabilities when required.

Each of the eight, NSW GBOTA venues have a dedicated website with links provided on the Home Page. Let 'Blue' introduce you to our racing venues, on his journey to the Paws of Thunder.

Each track must comply with the National Racing Rules and standards set by GRNSW. Standards must be submitted to Greyhound Racing NSW annually for compliance assurances. With GRNSW and Members, the NSW GBOTA is constantly reviewing its racing operations and looking for areas of improvement. All customers and stakeholders are encouraged to provide feedback through the Contact Page when they have any matters for review.

Should you have any questions following a review of this site, please email us gbota@gbota.com.au