The NSW GBOTA along with other Clubs and interested parties over the past 5 days have been working with experts to work on reversing Mike Baird's announcement to close greyhound racing in NSW. 


June 16 - Michael McHugh's report is provided to the Minister for Racing and selected members of government 

July 7 - Report is made public along with Premier's announcement to close the Greyhound Industry in NSW

July 7-8 The NSW GBOTA have been responding to media with a range of these available here

July 9 - Board of NSW GBOTA met and determined key needs and actions including working with other Clubs and key parties 

July 9-ongoing key staff from NSW GBOTA and others continue to meet and work with expert teams in the areas of legal, political lobbying and PR

July 12 - Club meet at Arena Club (Greyhound Social Club) to discuss strategies forward 

     - Non TAB Clubs suspended until further notice. NSW GBOTA venues will trial as normal  check with the Club on trialing information

July 14 - Maitland Meeting Free Entry - Local Member Jenny Aitchison to attend

July 16 - Wentworth Park Free Entry - seeking attendance of Politicians and key figures (TBC) verbal update to be provided. 

July 20 - completed petitions should be returned to the NSW GBOTA - Head Office - PO Box 485 Glebe NSW 2037 

August 2 - Parliament returns to sitting (key date)

Key Material:

Letter to present to your Member of Parliament (here) - this should be supported with your own story and photos 

Petitions - please note that hard copy petitions must be used to be considered by Parliament.  Participants are encouraged to circulate to other relevant parties to assist in accumulating signatures

  • NSW version - to be returned NSW GBOTA - Head Office - PO Box 485 Glebe NSW 2037 by July 20

  • ACT version - to be returned to Canberra GRC PO Box 647 Fyshwick 2609 or NSW GBOTA - Head Office - PO Box 485 Glebe NSW 2037 by July 20

Fact sheet - work is currently being undertake to obtain all the relevant data to focus on the reform achievements since February 2015 and questionable figures in the report. 

Join the mailing list for more information

Those seeking Economic Impact information and alike - please refer to the IER Report here 

Additionally there is a snap shot document here that can be used


Legal team is currently reviewing the report and will provide the working team with next strategies. 

Politicians continued to be lobbied for their support and commitment to have the decision reviewed or overturned. 

Fact sheet information to drive other communication items 

Please assist in also undertaking the Greyhound Recorder Survey