In the hours that followed NSW Premier Mike Baird's announcement on Thursday, July 7 the NSW GBOTA has undertaken a number of actions to respond and fight the announcement to close the greyhound racing industry.

Below is a library of interviews and articles undertaken and facilitated and other articles relating to the greyhounds.

31/8/2016 realcommercial No apartments for Wentworth Park 

31/8/2016 News of the Area Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party condemned Greyhound ban

31/8/2016 Namoi Valley Independent Greyhound ban compensation package still unknown

31/8/2016 Daily Liberal Warning is there. Change or be Challenged

31/8/2016 Farm Weekly NSW Nats blasted for betraying heartland voters on greyhound ban

30/8/2016 Central Western Daily Orange byelection a bellwether of greyhound ban decision

30/8/2016 ABC News Industry transition taskforce hears calls for reprieve of ban

30/8/2016 News of the Area Greyhound racing ban leaves Myall Coast owners devastated

30/8/2016 The Daily Advertiser Wagga Councillor's scathing attack of Liberal party politics

30/8/2016 Illawarra Mercury Clubs vow to continue fighting against ban

29/8/2016 Daily Liberal Murrumbar Pet Meats likely to fall victim to greyhound ban

29/8/2016 The Australian Alan Jones, Warren Mundine plan greyhound ban protest

28/8/2016 The Maitland Mercury Maitland Greyhound Club calls for Hunter support at meetings to overturn 2017 race ban

28/8/2016 Goulburn Post The place for principle in modern politics is long gone

27/8/2016 The Australian Employers worry their race is run

26/8/2016 The Daily Telegraph Premier's popularity has gone completely to the dogs

26/8/2016 Coast Community News Greyhound ban could cost  Central Coast economy $79 million p.a.

26/8/2016 Daily Telegraph NSW reaps millions in race tax despite ban coming into effect

26/8/2016 The Australian Turnbull slams Baird ban on greyhound racing

25/8/2016 News Local Greyhound racing ban leaves future of Gosford showground in doubt and fears jobs will be lost

25/8/2016 The Inverell Times Producers react as vote ends racing

24/8/2016 The Newcastle Herald Greyhound racing banned after bill passes NSW parliament

24/8/2016 NBN News Greyhound bill passes

24/8/2016 9News Community devastated by NSW greyhound ban

24/8/2016 ABC News National MPs cross floor as bill passes Parliament

24/8/2016 The Australian Greyhound racing ban passed by NSW parliament

24/8/2016 Echo Netdaily  NSW greyhound ban passes parliament

24/8/2016 Daily Telegraph Mike Baird stares down rebellion as controversial bill to ban greyhound racing in NSW is passed

23/8/2016  The Newdaily Greyhound racing ban passes NSW Parliament

23/8/2016 7News  NSW greyhounds bill reaches final hurdle

23/8/2016 Sky News NSW Greyhound racing ban reaches final hurdle

23/8/2016 ABC News NSW greyhound ban advertisement cost taxpayers $1 million

19/8/2016 The Australian Greyhound ban to cost Mike Baird at the next election, say trainers 

19/8/2016 The Australian State ALP sought Jason Clare shift to take on Premier

18/8/2016 Western Advocate Greyhound Transition Taskforce begins plans for greyhound ban 

18/8/2016 The Northern Daily Leader MP will cross floor against hasty bill to ban greyhounds

18/8/2016 Western Advocate Our say: We're all part of this difficult conversation 

18/8/2016 The Daily Telegraph Ricky Ponting comes out in support of the embattled industry 

17/8/2016 The Daily Telegraph Sam Neill stands firm against his critics, after comments slamming Baird's approach 

17/8/2016 The Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban: Breeder told to prepare to put down litter of newborn puppies

17/8/2016 The Australian NSW greyhound taskforce licks wounds over addresses blunder

17/8/2016 The Daily Telegraph What is it with Baird's social media approach

16/8/2016 Western Advocate Greyhound Transition Taskforce beings plans for greyhound racing ban

16/8/2016 News of the Area Greyhound Ban, Myall Coast owners shocked

16/8/2016 2GB Greyhound Veteran now worried for the welfare of his new pups

16/8/2016 SMH Australia's biggest greyhound racing owner-breeder Paul Wheeler to walk away from industry

16/8/2016 Australian Racing Greyhound Financial assistance confirmed as part of Baird's plan

16/8/2016 The Australian By-election backlash tipped for NSW Nats leader Troy Grant 

16/8/2016 The Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban: Actor Sam Neill slams the deeply regrettable move as sucking the life out of Sydney 

16/8/2016 Glen Innes Examiner: Butt out Barnaby: Marshall

16/8/2016 SMH Tropfest 2016: Sam Neill attacks NSW greyhound ban, Sydney lockout laws 

16/8/2016 Australian Racing Greyhound Greyhound racing participants to form new political party

15/8/2016 The Australian Greyhound racing figure skewed by dead dogs

15/8/2016 Northern Star Gulaptis supports greyhound industry, ban is premature 

15/8/2016 The Daily Telegraph NSW councils and RSPCA put down three times more dogs than greyhound industry

13/8/2016 Herald Sun Greyhound ban: Luke Foley says allowing trainers to continue would assist revival 

12/8/2016 The Northern Daily Leader Farmers fear trouble for meat, eggs, dairy industry 

12/8/2016 Western Advocate Lifeline boss has grave concerns for welfare of families involved in greyhound racing 

12/8/2016 The Daily Examiner Fears greyhound ban would embolden animal welfare extremists

12/8/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban: Trainer Keith Pedrana's life ruined by the stroke of Mike Baird's pen

12/8/2016 Sky News Greyhound industry to be compensated

12/8/2016 The Australian Greyhound racing banned in NSW: Dishies die for a twisted ideology

12/8/2016 The Australian Midnight sitting spells end for greyhound racing industry

12/8/2016 Central Western Daily False Alarm No truth to tip off about mass grave 

12/8/2016 The Daily Telegraph There will be held to pay when the voters have their say

11/8/2016 Central Western Daily Mike Baird's greyhound racing ban out of boxes quickly

11/8/2016 The Canberra Times ACT government to help local greyhound owners transition after NSW ban on racing

11/8/2016 2GB Warren Mundine reveals the human cost of banning greyhound racing

11/8/2016 The Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban: Coonamble town's carnival would be killed off by Baird's action

11/8/2016 The Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban guts decent people of the industry

11/8/2016 Greyhound ban: Mike Baird's legislation passes the NSW upper house without amendment

11/8/2016 The Australian Bid to stop compo claims on greyhound racing ban

11/8/2016 ABC Online Greyhound racing ban: NSW upper house passes bill

11/8/2016 The Australian Greyhound racing industry killed off late-night vote by Baird-led government

11/8/2016 Farm Weekly Does agriculture value access to innovation

10/8/2016 Australian Greyhound Racing Tim Andrews fumes as greyhound ban bill rushed through

10/8/2016 Newcastle Herald Government introduces greyhound ban to parliament

10/8/2016 2GB Ben Fordham - Greyhound Ban Introduced to Parliament

10/8/2016 RSN NSW Greyhound Racing Industry Alliance Continues to Fight for a Fair Go

10/8/2016 Lismore echo No pay-out for NSW greyhound trainers stripped of jobs

10/8/2016 ABC News Greyhound racing ban: NSW government introduces urgent bill

10/8/2016 Newcastle Herald Greyhound bill ban to be introduced to Parliament

10/8/2016 Sky News Baird pushes ahead with greyhound ban

10/8/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban: Baird pushes on, despite claims key report, over estimates number of dogs

10/8/2016 The Australian Mike Baird offers sops to greyhound racing ban

10/8/2016 The Australian Greyhound industry court to declare McHugh report invalid

10/8/2016 Coastal Times Is horse racing the next to be banned

9/8/2016 Western Advocate Toole up in the air over dog ban plan

9/8/2016 Central Western Daily What's worse than a no vote? No vote at all

9/8/2016 Central Western Daily Doubt continues over ban

9/8/2016 Herald Sun Baird's blanket greyhound ban is democracy gone to the dogs

9/8/2016 The Daily Telegraph Greyhound industry lawyers say widespread live baiting claims are false

9/8/2016 Yahoo News NSW greyhound report challenged in Court

9/8/2016 Australian Greyhound Racing Industry's guarantees four commitments to Premier at meeting

9/8/2016 The Logan Reporter Greyhound industry appeals to court to cancel ban

9/8/2016The Daily Examiner/Ballina Shire Advocate/Byron Shire News/Northern Star Greyhound industry appeals to court to cancel ban

9/8/2016 Daily Telegraph A dog's life for mum and daughter

9/8/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban: Nationals MPs urge Mike Baird to allow the industry three years to reform

8/8/2016 News local Retired Panania greyhound trainer backs East Hills MP Glen Brookes on opposition to racing ban

8/8/2016 Ray Hadley: Nationals MP Taking Stand on Greyhounds

6/8/2016 Australian Greyhound Racing Baird continues misinformation and deflection campaign

5/8/2016 The Northern Daily Leader Barwon MP Kevin Humpries refuses to support greyhound racing ban

5/8/2016 Ray Hadley: Bizarre Greyhounds email

5/8/2016 Australian Greyhound Racing Misleading greyhound figures still being fed to NSW public

5/8/2016 Ray Hadley Flow on effects of greyhound band

5/8/2016 Newcastle Herald Cessnock greyhound trainer Bob Whitelaw says he never ever used live bait

5/8/2016 The Australian Greyhound chief 'sent files to Baird in secret'

5/8/2016  The Australian Private property under attack as Baird ignores rule of law

4/8/2016 The Australian  NSW Greyhound chief has phone and laptop seized after leaks

4/8/2016 The Land Menagerie of animal protests

4/8/2016 Australian Greyhound Racing Ray Hadley says Newson-Baird alliance is a disgrace

4/8/2016 Manning River Times $340,000 Manning Valley greyhound industry to lobby Stephen Bromhead for political support

4/8/2016 The Australian Greyhounds boss Paul Newson 'secretly backgrounding' Baird's office

4/8/2016 Australian Morning Mail  Greyhound inquiry 'tailored' its witness list

4/8/2016 The Australian NSW Greyhound chief has phone and laptop seized after leaks

3/8/2016 Cowra Guardian Racing ban sets scene for political dog fight 

3/8/2016 Daily Examiner Passions flare as trainers march over greyhound ban

3/8/2016 Collie mail 35000 strong petition opposing greyhound ban presented to opposition leader Luke Foley

3/8/2016 Central Western Daily Council delays letter to premier

3/8/2016 Coast Community News Failure of Management results in honest people being negatively impacted

3/8/2016 Ten News Mike Baird's rush to kill-off the greyhound industry might still blow up in his face

3/8/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound lovers liken Baird to Hitler

3/8/2016 The morning Bulletin  Passions flare as trainers march over greyhound ban

3/8/2016 NBN News Hunter Greyhound Industry Marches on NSW Parliament

3/8/2016 The Australian Greyhound inquiry "tailored" its witness list

3/8/2016 The Australian Upper house Nats kill off alliance to end greyhound ban

3/8/2016 The Daily Examiner Passions flare as trainers march over greyhound ban

3/8/2016 Namoi Valley Independent Gunnedah greyhound trainers join the crowds to rally against the industry shutdown ban

2/8/2016 Blue Mountains Gazette 35,000 strong petition opposing greyhound ban presented to opposition leader Luke Foley

2/8/2016 The Daily Advertiser Wagga Greyhound Racing Club racing manager protests in Sydney

2/8/2016 The Northern Daily Greyhound industry rallies in Sydney to protest ban

2/8/206 SBS Baird refuses to budge on greyhound ban

2/8/2016 Western Advocate Greyhound racing injuries dealt with immediately by industry experts

2/8/2016 Western Advocate Greyhound rally in Sydney CBD attended by Bathurst's supporters

2/8/2016 Chinchilla News Passions flare as greyhound trainers march on Parliament

2/8/2016 Daily Telegraph Luke Foley says ban on greyhound industry is nothing more than a 'mass slaughter'

2/8/2016 Daily Telegraph East Hill MP Glenn Brookes likely to vote against greyhound ban

2/8/2016 Sky News Liberal MP criticises greyhound band

2/8/2016 Highlands News Wollondilly MP critical of Greyhound ban

2/8/2016 Namoi Valley Independent Gunnedah trainers joint legal fight in Sydney

2/8/2016 9 News Protestors demand review on greyhound ban

2/8/2016 Daily Telegraph Luke Foley says ban on greyhound industry is nothing

2/8/2016  Shoalhaven NewsShoalhaven Represent at Greyhound Rally

2/8/2016 Echonet Daily Greyhounds fight escalates as MPs return

2/8/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound racing ban: Liberal MPs accuse Premier Mike Baird of short-sightedness

2/8/2016 The Australian Mike Baird hit by Liberal backbench revolt over greyhound ban

2/8/2016 Maitland Mercury Hunter greyhound racing trainers protest in Sydney

2/8/2016 ABC News Greyhound racing ban: Liberal MP Peter Phelps speaks out against decision as Premier defends move

2/8/2016 The Daily Telegraph [half way down] Dishlicker Race Not Yet Won

1/8/2016 Ray Hadley: Greyhound legal challenge 

1/8/2016 Yahoo Baird moves to ease govt over greyhounds

1/8/2016 The Australian Troy Grant to stare down National revolt on greyhound racing

1/8/2016 Daily Telegraph Labor's plan to keep the dog races

1/8/2016 Yahoo Greyhound ban fight to escalate 

31/7/2016 The Australian NSW Labor releases survival plan for greyhound industry

31/7/2016 Sky News Clean up hounds, don't ban them: Foley

31/7/2016 SMH [half way down] Wheeler has his say

29/7/2016 Coffs Coast Advocate Greyhound industry pushes as MPs consider crossing floor

29/7/2016 SBS Greyhound industry launches legal fight

29/7/2016 Financial Review Greyhound industry starts legal battle over NSW government ban

29/7/2016  SMH Greyhound racing industry launches legal challenge against shutdown

29/7/2016 Yahoo Greyhound Industry launches legal fight

29/7/2016 Queensland Times [half way down] Industry concerns

29/7/2016 Racenet Rally essential for all with an interest in NSW greyhound racing

29/7/2016 Lismore Echo Greyhound industry pushes as MPs consider crossing floor

29/7/2016 ABC News Greyhound racing: Luke Foley visits Dapto Dogs to discuss bans

29/7/2016 ABC News Nationals MP says NSW greyhound ban the tip of the iceberg, considers crossing floor

29/7/2016 Sun Herald Dog ban rift in coalition as National MPs vent anger at NSW's greyhound ban

28/7/2016 Central Western Daily Greyhound petition shows industry is signing on for a dog fight

27/7/2016 News Local Local greyhound trainers, owners say don't punish the whole industry for the faults of a few

26/7/2016 Newcastle Herald Wallsend Labor MP Sonia Hornery's petition set to trigger parliamentary debate on Mike Baird's greyhound racing ban

26/7/2016 Central Western Daily Nationals' Scott Barrett projected to win with other candidates facing impossible odds

26/7/2016 The Australian Secret figures claim real dog wastage fraction of McHugh Report

25/7/2016 The Maitland Mercury Ban will lead to showgrounds demise 

25/7/2016 Western Advocate Just how locked down are the lockout laws

25/7/2016 Camden Haven Courier Greyhound meeting cancelled

25/7/2016 Newcastle Herald Letters to the Editor

22/7/2016 ABC News Greyhound Racing ban could cost NSW $4b

12/7/2016 The Inverill Times Voice Inside and Outside Racing

21/7/2016 ABC The World Today NSW greyhound racing industry hands Premier rebuttal

21/7/2016 Australian Greyhound Racing Prest says non-TAB greyhound ban is 'cutting our throats'

21/7/2016 Coast Community News Gosford Greyhound Racing to Fight Government Ban

21/7/2016 SMH Mike Baird's popularity might be his undoing

21/7/2016 Lithgow Mercury Greyhound Racing/Lithgow Dog Track

21/7/2016 SBS The greyhound racing industry has attacked the report that sparked the sport's ban in NSW, saying its findings are biased and flawed

20/7/2016 News Local Have your say on the Greyhound racing ban

20/7/2016 2GB Chris Smith - Premier Mike Baird

20/7/2016 The Herald Baird government's handling of greyhound ban leaves a lot to be desired

19/7/2016 The New Daily The reason why horse racing's future isn't questioned

19/7/2016 ABC News 24 Friday Late Debate

19/7/2016 PerthNow Tom Percy: Decision to ban greyhound racing is a dog's breakfast

19/7/2016 Financial Review Barton Deakin's greyhound love leaves Mike Baird speechless

18/7/2016 Daily Liberal. Our Say: Baird's Ban will dog him to the next election

18/7/2016 Central Western Daily Baird's ban will dog him to the next election

18/7/2016 Central Western Daily Greyhound profits licked

18/7/2016 Echo Netdaily Greyhound ban on Richmond Valley Council agenda

18/7/2016  4BC1116 Ray Hadley: Mundine slams greyhound ban

18/7/2016 Moree Champion Racing ban will not be the end of Greyhound industry, GBOTA Chair

18/7/2016 Northern Daily  Call to reverse ban- greyhound owners blast NSW Premier

18/7/16 Daily Telegraph Premier Mike Baird still refusing to say if he knew graphic quotes in greyhound report were from the US

18/7/16 The Australian Greyhound Ban: It's killing a good sport. It's a disgrace.

17/7/2016 NBN News Taree Greyhound Industry Unites Against Ban

17/7/2016 SMH Mike Baird's pandering to a noisy crowd with a greyhound racing ban is lazy politics

16/7/2016 9News Sydney Greyhounds find new homes after racing banned in NSW

16/7/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound racing ban is a mongrel act

15/7/2016 Late Line Should greyhound racing be banned Australia-wide

15/7/16 SMH There's a reason Mike Baird has banned greyhounds and not casinos

15/7/16 Daily Telegraph Greyhound racing ban: NSW opposition leader Luke Foley to oppose

15/7/16 National Affairs Greyhound racing ban: I'll go under, it's that simple

15/7/16 The Canberra Times Greyhound racing ban would deny ACT community groups vital fundraising cash

15/7/16 The Australian There'll be bark and bite in this greyhound scrap before it's done

15/7/16 The Daily Examiner Foley's visit to the dogs proves a winner

15/7/16 Echo Netdaily NSW govt stands firm on greyhound ban

14/7/16 Herald Sun Gaping holes in flawed greyhound report  

14/7/16 Sky News Baird defends greyhound decision

14/7/16 NSW greyhound reps hold talks with Baird

13/7/2016 SMH Greyhound community, concerned but united to fight Baird's ban

13/7/16 SMH Barnaby Joyce links NSW greyhound racing ban to Labor's live animal exports controversy

13/7/2016 Farmonline Greyhound bans, livestock farming and social licence
13/7/16 Daily Telegraph Judge backtracks on greyhound report

12/7/16 Daily Telegraph - Miranda Devine Blog 

11/7/16 7 News MP Greyhound Concern

11/7/16 2BG - Audio

11/7/16 SKY News Greyhound industry goes to war with NSW govt

11/7/16 Daily Telegraph Foley slams "Elitist" greyhound ban

11/7/16 Baird faces internal split over greyhound

9/7/16 ABC News Greyhound Racing to recommence as officials vow to bring down NSW Government

8/7/16 Today Group 1 trainer Dean Swain appears on the Today Show 

8/716 Ït's held our family together as a common interest for more than 60 years

8/7/16 SMH & Australian Greyhound racing clubs set up fund to fight industry closure

8/7/16 Daily Mail Australia 'Mass killing' of 20,000 greyhounds expected after NSW Premier Mike Baird bans the industry - with top vet warning finding homes for them is 'impossible'

8/7/16 ABC News Greyhound racing ban: Dog breeders plan to seek political, legal discussions over NSW decision & Video

8/7/16 The World Today NSW greyhound decision sends shockwaves through sector

8/7/16 Financial Times Greyhound racing in Australia goes to the dogs

8/7/16 Radio Sport National  Audio: reaction to Baírd's announcement

8/7/16 The Project Vision

8/7/16 Channel 9 ACT follows NSW with plans to ban greyhound racing

8/7/16 2SM - John Laws Audio

8/7/16 2GB Michael McLaren: Executive Officer Greyhound Breeders,Owners and Trainers - Brenton Scott

8/7/16 ABC News -Video

7/7/16 7.30 Report ABC Greyhound trainers will fight ban

7/7/16 Daily Telegraph Greyhound owners and trainers to fight ‘scandalous’ ban ‘tooth and nail’

7/7/16 SMH Timing of Mike Baird's decision to ban greyhound racing in NSW 'politically motivated'


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