The NSW GBOTA has applied to GRNSW to have a finish on lure used at its Gosford track for testing, initially for trialling and eventually racing.

Directors are of the view that the provision of finish on lure trialling and racing must be openly assessed as to the industry deals with standards that might apply to contemporary chasing systems.

The NSW GBOTA understands that finish on lure systems will be considered as part of the deliberations of the Special Commission of Inquiry.

However, Directors believe that this process should be supported by physical testing and that Gosford is well placed to undertake such testing, given its central location.

The NSW GBOTA is currently working with GRNSW regarding the test but expects to be in a position to provide trials within the next fortnight.

The finish on lure system that will be used will be based on the hoop arm currently used at Albion Park (Queensland) and Gawler (SA). Consultation has taken place with both States so as to maximise learnings prior to testing.

NSW GBOTA Chairman, Geoff Rose, said that the Gosford test was an important step in the process of considering the finish on lure system for wide use.

“The industry also needs to assess the considerable information available from Queensland and South Australia and to put in place appropriate consultation processes so that we understand the views of local owners and trainers,” said Mr Rose.

Further information regarding the Gosford trial will be released within the next seven days.

Further inquiries can be made with:

Brenton Scott, Executive Officer, NSW GBOTA

Ph: 02 8587 1206 or email: